Finishing Protocol by Christian Samoila

Follow this new case study by Dr. Christian Samoila about a finishing protocol and some new topics in the orthodontics…

The comparison of intraoral scanners

Why intraoral scanner is becoming a necessary tool in our modern orthodontic practice ? We can use digital…

Extraoral Analysis

EXTRAORAL ANALYSIS – SUMMARY Maxilla slightly hypoplastic, normal incisor position. Posterior rotation of mandible with proclined incisors and…


Complications happen with reversible or irreversible results. They are annoying both ways. The period of quarantine began in…

Working after lock down – Some practical advice

Fact is, rules will be given to us by governments (which employs real experts, hopefully) and we will have to abide by them. I don’t know where you live and when and under which rules you will be able to start working again but there is something which will be needed for sure: keeping your schedule and being on time.

Interview with Howard Farran and Stefano Troiani

Interview of Dr Stefano Troiani with the Podcast of Howard Farran, founder of Dentaltown and Orthotown and one…

Orthodontic Education 2019

An online, webinar-based orthodontic course? Orthodontics, like dentistry, is a specialty based on science with a strong craft…


One of the aspects of my teaching activity, is that some younger colleagues often show me cases asking my advice and a suggestion for a treatment plan.The constant outcome of  this situation is a slight expression of disappointment at my answer, with the expression “that´s it???” written all over their face.   You can try to give a book as a Christmas present to a 12-years-old and you will get more or less the same response. 

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