Adapting your practice to a changing world

At present time the dental profession is facing new challenges and opportunities in treatment approaches as well as digital tools.

Diagnosis, the starting point of any clinical procedure is based on defined goals. With the possibilities of new scanner and software devices the GET-Team is now able to reach the next level in improving and predicting future treatment results by digital diagnosis of Centric Relation CR. Through online seminars and hands-on courses instructors will teach the latests technological advancements.


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GET From Theory to Practice

  • Do you often find that the lower arch is too long in respect to the upper arch?
  • Do you often need to perform inter-proximal reduction in the lower arch and build-ups in the upper arch?
  • Do you often have Class II molar and canine without overjet to advance the mandible?
  • Do you often have spaces in the upper arch and no overjet to allow incisor  retraction?
  • Do you observe pre-contacts from excessive hanging palatal cusps of upper premolars? 
  • Do you observe the lack of canine guidance due to excessive transverse canine overjet?
  • Do you observe bite opening due to posterior pre-contacts?
  • Do your cases often miss upper incisor torque?

A bracket system or a prescription will not treat a case for you, nor will it make a difficult case easy. A difficult case will always be a difficult case. Where a prescription can help, is in the finishing stage of treatment, when, for example, perfect arch coordination is needed.

We have created a prescription addressing the most common problems in finishing.

Dr. Adachi specified the Roth philosophy as an orthodontic diagnosis and treatment system established by Dr. Roth that is based on 40 years of clinical experience and research activities. The system should allow an objective evaluation and diagnosis of jaw position and functional occlusion with the goal of higher quality results. According to the literature, the goal of orthodontic treatment today is well established for static and functional occlusal relationship. It has been stated that in order to achieve Andrews´six keys to normal occlusion, the jaws must be optimally proportioned in three planes of space and positioned in Centric Relation (CR).

Therefore the goal of any dental treatment plan should be a proper fit and arrangement of the front teeth established to protect the back teeth during jaw movements such as chewing, talking and swallowing. To do so the GET-Team continues further developments under the aspects of efficiency and  the outcome of orthodontic treatment.

Concept GET : Adapting your practice-ICON-GOALS


What are our ideal aesthetic, functional and occlusal treatment goals?

Concept GET : Adapting your practice-ICON-EVIDENCE


What evidence is available to support our decisions? 

Concept GET : Adapting your practice-ICON-TREATMENT


What is the best realistic treatment option considering the boundaries of everyday practice and according to sound biomechanics principles?

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