GET Symposium

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Aligners, Brackets or Both?
Mallorca 8-9 September 2023


Digital Orthodontics, Facebookdontics, Cartoondontics… It is difficult to navigate the current orthodontic landscape, distinguishing between what is true innovation in the patient’s best interest and what is simply hype, commercial interest or KOL ego.


Join us for two days among colleagues, in a spectacular setting, featuring both a fantastic social and educational program, with leading experts in digital orthodontics, aligner treatment and conventional orthodontic treatment. We guarantee no speaker will try to “sell” you during the presentations.




08.45-09.00 Opening


Session one. Chairman : Dr. Raffaele Spena (IT)


09.00-09.40 Pr. C. VERNA (CH) Bone modification through orthodontic treatment: where are we ?
09.40-10.20 Pr. M. LE GALL (FR) Manage the transversal dimension for children. Clear aligners or Quadhelix
10.20-11.00 Dr. U. SCHNEIDER (IT) Why I am not throwing away my storage of brackets (yet)
11.00-11.50 Coffee Break / light lunch

Session two. Chairman : Dr. Maris Grzibovskis (LV)

Dr. V. D’ANTO (IT) Clear aligners : how to transform your digital project in a clinical reality
12.20-13.00 Dr. T. WEIR (AUS) Aligner treatment : the journey from hope to honesty – part One
13.00-13.30 Dr. S. TROIANI (CH) How to move teeth VS where to move teeth. Are our priorities the right ones ?
13.30-14.00 Dr. B. SEN YLMAZ (TU) The alternative options for non-surgical correction of class 3 cases


Session one. Chairman : Dr. Yoav Mazor (IL)

Dr. O. LIEBL (DE) Scan to retention – digital solutions in modern orthodontics
09.40-10.20 Dr. B. LUDWIG (DE) Digital orthodontics – the challenge to combine evidence with innovations
10.20-11.00 Dr. T. WEIR (AUS) Aligner treatment: the journey from hope to onesty. Part two.
11.00-11.50 Coffee Break / light lunch

Session two. Chairman : Stefano Troiani (CH)

Dr. A. SECCHI (USA) Simplifying excellence in treatment mechanics

12.20-13.00 Dr. D. BOANGAR (RO) Soft and hard tissues remodeling using orthodontics
13.00-13.30 Dr. B. LUDWIG (DE) Surgical orthodontics – beyond plastic – the most interdisciplinary era of orthodontics
13.30-14.00 Dr. S. TROIANI (CH) Conclusions and discussion

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