One of the aspects of my teaching activity, is that some younger colleagues often show me cases asking my advice and a suggestion for a treatment plan.The constant outcome of  this situation is a slight expression of disappointment at my answer, with the expression “that´s it???” written all over their face.   You can try to give a book as a Christmas present to a 12-years-old and you will get more or less the same response. 

So, you want to open an orthodontic practice?

I don’t know who you are and where you live, but in many countries, my first advice would be “don’t do it and go and work for someone else.” However, let’s assume you don’t live in one of those countries or you are stubborn enough to open your own clinic anyway.  The very first question you should ask yourself is “where to open?” or “where to buy an existing practice?”

Who moved my braces?

Another orthodontic blog? Well, yes and no. It is an orthodontic blog but you won´t find here so much talking about how to correct a class II. Not only that, at least.
As cliche as it may sound, the world around us is changing at an unprecedented pace.
This extends to the professional environment of the dental and orthodontic world.


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