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Terms of service – GET

General terms of use

The following site policy applies to your visits to our get-the-concept website and its pages. Please read it carefully before using our website and the information it is delivering. Should you refuse this site policy, please do not use our website.

This website is exclusively intended for professionals in their practice. By continuing when starting your visit, you declare that you are a professional.

We reserve our right to now and then modify our site policy. You always will see here the updated version.

1. Licenses

  1. Alpin Orthodontics AG is helding all licences for the G.E.T. Concept, the Webinars, the Downloads and so on.

2. Overview

  1. The www.get-the-concept site is a free-access online platform for information about the GET orthodontic concept and for online-course related to this concept.
  2. The Swiss law and the provisions of the “Swiss code of obligations” apply, unless it is otherwise specified.
  3. The legal operator is Alpin Orthodontics AG, Zürichstrasse 68, 6004 Lucerne.
  4. The following terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions related to the use of the get-the-concept website.
  5. Our general conditions of sale apply exclusively, subject to article 9.3 of the GCS.

3. Data protection

  1. Clients’ data is processed confidentially by Alpin Orthodontics AG, in accordance with the data protection act.
  2. Alpin Orthodontics AG will not disclose or sell clients’ data (name, address, e-mail, etc.), or any other personal information, to third parties. The client’s personal data will be collected in strict accordance with legal provisions. The only exception to data non-disclosure is the obligation to cooperate under judicial reasons.
  3. Any loss of sensitive data due to sudden technical flaws without any serious fault from Alpin Orthodontics AG exempts Alpin Orthodontics AG from any liability.

4. Explaining get-the-concept’s services

  1. Get-the-concept is an information and exchange site about Orthodontics in general and about the G.E.T. concept and an online-course system that imposes to subscribe to this concept.
  2. Inscription to the of site online-course is made by a questionnaire to be filled online, that allows an identification of each user as a natural person following the online lectures program. This information will also allow the user to be connected to the system.
  3. Collected personal data will have no other use than this, except for a potential statistical management of the site’s visitor rate.
  4. Once the training cycle completed, users’ data will automatically be erased from the list of enrolled professionals.

5. Payment terms and registration

  1. Inscription to the onlie-course site is chargeable and will be processed through PayPal or any other secure payment system that the site propose.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client shall have the right to terminate the contract in writing at any time following the expiration of the agreed minimum contract term, and any agreed automatic renewal. After the minimum contract term or the automatic renewal has expired, the contract can be terminated with a notice period of three (3) months and with due effect from the end of the quarter. The date of the receipt of notice shall be decisive. If resingment is declared before the ending period of the online-course process, no refound could be claimed.

6. Right of withdrawal – Right of return

  1. Any user will be able, at any time, to ask for the deletion of his/her account and the erasement of his/her personal data. This will entail an interruption of the reception of the information about the GET concept or of the e-learning modules.

7. General responsibility statement

  1. Alpin Orthodontics AG does not assume any liability for links toward external sites, as for their content, their set-up or their political opinions. External links generally open in a new window of the browser. This clearly indicates to the user that he/she is no longer on the Internet portal of Alpin Orthodontics AG. The client should immediately signal dubious links to Alpin Orthodontics AG.
  2. Alpin Orthodontics AG engage to solve technical problems encountered by using ‘get-the-concept’ page and of the client’s data. Data is hosted in a decentralized server infrastructure. Alpin Orthodontics AG declines any responsibility for presumed damages by hackers, etc. Alpin Orthodontics AG reserves its right to modify the site’s set-up or content at any moment.

8. Final provisions

  1. The commercial activity is exclusively based upon the Swiss and European laws. The only jurisdiction agreed-upon and accepted by the parties is in CH-Lucerne, unless it is otherwise declared in writing.
  2. Alpin Orthodontics AG’s corporate image and its operation are governed by the patents’ laws. Any reuse is strictly forbidden or must be authorized by Alpin Orthodontics AG.
  3. Alpin Orthodontics AG’s website contents complement the GCS.
  4. Alpin Orthodontics AG operates the Internet platform, the responsibility and the exercise of rights are under the responsibility of Alpin Orthodontics AG.

9. Jurisdiction

  1. The jurisdiction is in Lucerne. Alpin Orthodontics AG, Lucerne Copyright 2019 by Alpin Orthodontics Alpin Orthodontics AG, Zürichstrasse 68, 6004 Luzern

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