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Michel Le Gall – GET Speaker – GET

Prof. Michel Le Gall​

Professor Michel Le Gall is a specialist in dentofacial orthopedics (CECSMO) who graduated from the University of Aix Marseille in 1986.
He carried out a private practice from 1983 to 2020 in Aubagne.
He holds a PhD in Energy Mechanics on the frictional behavior of dental movement in ODF and holds Habilitation to Direct Research.
He is an Associate Researcher at the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory UMRT24 IFSTTAR He is currently Professor of University-Hospital, Head of Orthodontics Department at the Timone Hospital and Head of Department at the Marseille School of Dentistry.

With the collaboration of Drs Pierre-Jean Soulié and Jany Volpi, he is the inventor of the TGOÒ Technique.

The originality of this prescription lies in the undersizing of the slot of the attachments of the maxillary and mandibular incisors (.020 x .028 in) increasing torque control in certain strategic phases of treatment ranging from leveling, through the phases from premolar, canine and incisor retractions to interarch correction and intercuspidation. The combination of the TGO technique and self-ligating brackets reinforces and optimizes mastery of the mechanics specific to these different stages.

In this spirit of renewal and innovation, the TGO and the ideas of GET (Dr Stefano TROIANI) have decided to merge to make this clinical concept even more efficient and effective.

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