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 1 Introduction. goals, evidence, treatment.Dr. Stefano Troiani
2Growth and developmentDr. Berza Sen Yilmaz
3Etiology of malocclusionsDr. Berza Sen Yilmaz
4Bone biology and biology of tooth movement. How does a tooth move?
Dr. Maris Grzibovskis
5Orthodontic recordsDr. Cenk Ceylanoglu
6Registration of mandibular positionDr. Marc Geserick
7Orthodontic photographyDr. Cenk Ceylanoglu
8Orthodontic materialsDr. Yoav Mazor
9Creation of a problem list in orthodonticsDr. Stefano Troiani
10Functional appliancesDr. Veronika Dercsar
11Brackets and bands placementDr. Christian Samoila
12Removable applianceDr. Aleksandar Gulin
13Interceptive treatment with fixed applianceDr. Aleksandar Gulin
14Treatment of class I malocclusionsDr. Cenk Ceylanoglu
15Serial extraction / enucleation therapyDr. Berza Sen Yilmaz
16Treatment of class II div 1Dr. Teodora Yordanova-Ignatova
17Treatment of class II div 2Dr. Christian Samoila
18Treatment of class IIIDr. Berza Sen Yilmaz
19Treatment of open bitesDr. Cenk Ceylanoglu
20 Treatment of deep bitesDr. Teodora Yordanova-Ignatova
21Treatment of transversal problemsDr. Christian Samoila
22Extraction therapy and space closureDr. Stefano Troiani
23Treatment of impacted caninesDr. Stefano Troiani
24Tooth agenesisDr. Cenk Ceylanoglu
25Interdisciplinary treatmentDr. Diana Boangar
26Orthodontic finishingDr. Yoav Mazor
27General principles of preparation for orthognathic surgeryDr. Stefano Troiani
28Different types of retentionDr. Yoav Mazor
29Aligners treatmentDr. Maris Grzibovskis
30Digital orthodontics 1Dr. Yoav Mazor
31Digital orthodontics 2Dr. Marc Geserick

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