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Cenk Ceylanoglu – GET Speaker – GET

GET Speaker

GET Symposium Rome 2020 Speaker Dr. Cenk Ceylanoglu

Dr. Cenk Ceylanoglu


Dr. Cenk Ceylanoğlu graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry. He received his PhD degree at Marmara University department of Orthodontics at 2004. He works in private practice in Istanbul/Turkiye,  since 2004. Besides his dental career, Dr. Ceylanoğlu is an award winning underwater photographer. He is the European Champion of Underwater Photography in 2014 and the World category ( WAWM )champion of Underwater Photography in 2017. 

Combining two of his passions ; orthodontics and photography;  Dr. Ceylanoglu is highly interested in the excellence of dental photography from the perspective of an orthodontist.

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